Ordel V – 3

The imperial Vox-casters blared the good news that the elder incursion of Ordel V had been stalled in two separate battles outside the Capital city of Populi Ordel.  Though this report is late in being transmitted and word has come that there may have been another larger battle of apocalyptic proportions since these two battles.

Adeptus Astartes forces form the Iron Hands took on an Eldar Wraith force in the suburban sprawl to the north of the capital while the Lords of Vengeance (LOV) ambushed an armored Eldar squad in the grass plains to the south.

Although the Iron Hands commander wanted a combined assault aimed at the Eldar warhost’s command and control center, the LOV refused to coordinate their attack with the Sons of the Gorgan and insisted that all other imperial forces stay away from the grass plains while their operation was in process.  Although direct communication with the LOV commander was not granted they reported that they had been authorized to use a new form of weapon and tactics that could possibly be harmful to other forces.  Whether this is a new form of radiation or toxin weapon or who authorized the LOV to use such weapons is still not confirmed.

The LOV did report that their new tactics were successful as they destroyed the elder almost completely, with only a single Wraith Knight surviving.  Surveying the battle space once the “all-clear” was given lead to a few assumptions on how it unfolded.

It appears that the LOV stole the initiative on a grouping of wave serpents, led by a Farsear, awaiting further reinforcements. With a barrage of heavy firepower holding the wave serpents and infantry in check the LOV was able to unleash its Land Raider full of the newly retooled close combat marines into the heart of the encampment.  There was wreckage of Eldar jet bikes on the outskirts of the area in what looked like an attempt to circle the Astartes force and pick of the weaker units on its sides.  The remains of a group of winged elder were found in a large pile and looked like they were burned in a giant inferno all at once.  One blow to the LOV plan was when a Rhino, stripped of its dozer blade to quickly get into the ambush position, was stuck up on a side hill. However, by this time the battle was well in hand.

One disturbing report filed by the Adeptus Ministorum remarked on the high number of civilian casualties in the area and on the battlefield.  Many of these civilians had serious burn marks all over their bodies, most appeared to be inflicted well before the battle.  As to if the nearby farmhouse was being used as a makeshift trauma center, and these burn victims brought here before the battle, is still being investigated.

We remind all imperial persona that the 24 hour curfew on Ordel V is still being strictly enforced.  All civilian movement is still restricted to and from the Hab-domes and the Agro-factories.  All non-essential workers are reminded that they are to stay indoors until the curfew is lifted.