Ordel V – 2

On imperial date 0567014.M03 a joint force comprised of a Dark Angels recon division, and light Grey Knights pacification force tasked with removal of of Rhodesian solar witches received a call for reinforcements from the astartes chapter ‘lords of vengance’. It appeared there was an assault on a local imperial agri-world, Ordel V, by the xenos race known as ‘eldar’. The joint force immediately changed course to investigate.

Upon arrival there was no sign of the Lords of Vengeance so the force began their planet side investigation, starting with the charred ruins of the agri-world power facility. Upon deployment a dark angels spotting team caught site of some Xenos jet bikes hidden amongst the ruins and shortly thereafter it became apparent that there was a full fledged Eldar battleforce lying in wait for the unsuspecting imperials. Ill prepared and cut off from their orbital communications relay, they were forced to try to dig in and fight to control on of the three damaged warning beacons buried with the ruined structures. Their hope was to get a signal out to their strike cruiser or any other friendly forces still on the planet’s surface.

Though the imperial alliance forces fought bravely, the Dark Angels force led by librarian Acutus, and the Grey Knights force led jointly by inquisitors Hectar thundorrklappe and Vittio Hevvyfootte (both assigned to the local shrine world Rhodesia 22) were killed nearly to the last man. Inquisitor Hectar was able to repair the warning beacon his squad defended but, there is no guarantee that the Eldar had not already block all communications in the area.

The next few conflicts will have to decide the fate of the Agri-World Ordel V.