After the initial engagements on Orvar, warp energies have rippled across its surface, emanating from the region of the ruined temple where Chaos forces and the Iron Hands clashed. It appears as though a dark ritual has been conducted, unleashing dark powers on the barren world.


Stymied, the imperium must commit vast resources and quickly conquer orvar, or the crusade may falter.





-The last words of astropath Melikir




A dark day. I saw the work of the ruinous powers first hand, and the wound it left on my soul may never heal. I stood transfixed as an astropath come under their influence on the bridge of the Lord Commander’s very flagship. He writhed and shuddered as the warp possessed and consumed him. I will not soon forget that sight, nor the terrible voice that shrieked from his lungs. It was chaos manifest.


We have reached a precipice; soon we will be beyond the Emperor’s light.


-From the journal of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Gabriel Sand




The Plains of Eriodor

The Crusade has begun. Imperial forces crushed all resistance in the cavern-hives of Kraken, and departed known imperial space with their ships’ stores fully stocked, spirits high, guided by the radiant light of the God Emperor.




To: Crusade Fleet Lazarus High Command

Re: Results of initial survey of LR071369-3 “Eriodor”


Eriodor is a sea of grassy plains and rolling hills. Its wind-swept surface is populated only by herds of lumbering ungulates  and massive reptiles. No intelligent life is known to exist on the planet. The vast stretches of grassland are broken only by the overgrown ruins of ancient settlements; This strange world was one of the first colonized when Saint Lazarus led the people of the Imperium into this region of space, but it never became heavily populated.


Initial Explorator surveys indicate some of the lost human settlements may sit above much older ruins, possibly from human expansions that predate the foundation of the Imperium. There has been some whispered speculation that these ruins could also be the remnants of an ancient xenos society. These heretical notions have been suppressed with extreme prejudice. Adeptus Mechanicus cogitators have found no evidence of environmental or other factors that could compel humans to build atop known xenos architecture.


We are dispatching additional survey teams to these areas to determine the age of these ruins, and if there is any evidence of intact material that could aid the Crusade fleet.


May the blessing of the Omnissiah be upon you,


Magos Stegmann




To all landing forces,


Survey teams dispatched to the surface of Eriodor from the Explorator outrider fleet have ceased communication. It is unknown at this time if transmissions have been blocked by a disturbance on the planet’s surface, or if the survey teams encountered some sort of hostile resistance. Contact was lost with all teams at once; this is a coincidence that cannot be overlooked. I recommend the utmost caution.


Your forces will be dispatched to the sites the survey teams were investigating. Determine the nature of their disappearance, and exterminate all enemies of the Imperium.


Eriodor will be our beach head. From here we will strike out into the Lazarus Reach, and reclaim those gems of humanity stolen by the wicked, thieving hands of aliens, heretics, and the foul denizens of the warp.


The Emperor Protects,


Lord Commander Militant Drang


The Battle for Kraken

Kraken joined the Imperium of Man as a rich mining world that served as a waystation for the early settlers of the Lazarus Reach. Beyond Kraken lies the Veil of Sorrow, a treacherous nebula that obscured the verdant worlds of the reach for nearly a millenium after the conclusion of the Great crusade. The world’s surface is a fiery hell, unable to support any sort of life, as a result the planet was mined in caverns deep below the surface. As resources on the world dried up the empty mines were converted into hives and forges. Asteroids and moons from the other worlds of the system were drawn into Kraken’s orbit where they were slowly processed by a halo of satellites and space stations. These create a defensive network that protected the world even after xenos invaders and the forces of chaos overran the reach




The crusade fleet swelled with supplies. Thousands of vessels clung to the spars and and rocks of Kraken’s ring, never suspecting that they were flies trapped in a deadly web. Violence erupted throughout the forgeworld when the forces of chaos sprang from dark and forgotten caverns and the eldar materialized from hidden webway portals. The warriors of the Imperium faced a brutal fight if they hoped to escape intact. The fate of the Lazarus Reach Crusade depended on their success…

Ordel V – 5

++++Incoming Transmission++++

+from Segmentum Obscurus Command, Cypra Mundi+

+to Departmento Munitorum, Terra+

+security Ultima+

+date 0319014.M03+


The imperial forces engaged to secure the agri-world Ordel V have failed in their attempt to reclaim the planet from invading xenos forces. Elements of the Iron Hands, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Lords of Vengeance have participated in a year long campaign for control of the world, but after the loss of the capital city, Populi Ordel, Segmentum Command has determined that the planet is now of limited tactical significance compared to other objectives within the Segmentum.

Reports from the Inquisition that an artifact of unknown provenance still exists on the planet have yet to be substantiated.

The Astartes forces were able to fight a delaying action that allowed a portion of the population, and much of the world’s industrial and materiel infrastructure, to be evacuated.

The Astartes will form the core of a new crusade fleet that will prosecute all out war against the denizen’s of the worlds of the Lazarus Reach, a frontier realm that fell from the light of the God-Emperor over 5,000 years ago. The survivors of Ordel V will be the first settlers on the worlds reclaimed during this glorious crusade.

The Astartes and Ordel survivors will rendezvous with Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum elements under the command of Warmaster Baldus, at the mining world Krakan.

The Emperor Protects.


Lord Commander Militant Drang,

Segmentum Obscurus



Populi Ordel burned. A column of black climbed to the upper atmosphere where it mingled with smoke from a thousand other fires.

Ordel V was dead. A transmission from the Inquisitor Thundorrklappe of the Ordo Xenos recommended virus bombing the world. “A waste of munitions,” the Iron Hands Chapter Master responded. Chapter Master Timon of the Lords of Vengeance agreed. Nothing would live on that blasted surface again.

From the bridge of his battle barge, Timon surveyed the massive fleet of survivors, herded by Astartes frigates and battle barges. The population of Ordel V, and all essential materiel, were packed into those vessels. They would refit at the mining and forge world, Krakan, and the fleet would join the crusade to reclaim the lost worlds of the Lazarus Reach for the Imperium of Man. Those survivors would receive a second chance at life as colonists on newly conquered worlds.

“My lord,” a human communications officer approached, data slate in hand, “Commander Dante will survive.”

“Of course.” Timon never had any doubt. Dante survived so much, he would not die in such an insignificant skirmish.

He surveyed the burned out husk of Ordel V one last time as the fleet moved out of orbit. He swore that one day he would have his vengeance for this terrible affront to the Emperor.


The skeins of fate were a mad web on this world, twisting and writhing. Their destiny seemed clear on Iyanden, but now… Kelmon walked from the shadow of the forest. The tall grass brushed against his outstreched fingertips. The Mon-keigh cut deep into the ancient forest to build their offensive city, but the great trees resisted. They grew back with such speed and fortitude that the humans could never manage to keep them at bay. The city and the forest became a strange chimera of natural and synthetic at the periphery. He welcomed the thought that one day the world might recover, but wept for the damage already done.

Many eldar died on this world, and many that were already dead, were lost for good. A few waystones would be recovered, but many more were destroyed. The spirits of those wraith-constructs were released into the ether, to be consumed by She Who Thirsts.

Their temporary allies, Dark Kin were already gone. They disappeared as quickly as they came, raiders loaded with human captives, bound for their slave pits of Commorragh. The monster Haemonculus Urien Rakarth sent a note before he left, carried by a warrior wearing a haughty expression on his cruel and unnaturally florid face. He unrolled the message, realizing at once that it was written on the recently tanned flesh of a human captives. A tattoo of the eagle that represented the corpse-god of the imperium was at the top of the note, and below it a hand written message in flowery script. The fluid letters were deep brown, and Kelmon had no doubt were inked in the blood of the same human who donated his flesh to Rakarth’s message.

I cannot thank you enough for your invitation. The humans provide such sport. I had no idea our craftworld kin could be such fun. Please contact me if you need another world destroyed.


Kelmon dropped the note in disgust. It fluttered to the ground like a falling leaf.

“We should not have allowed their participation,” he hissed at the Eldar approaching from the ruined city.

Prince Atarax shook his head, and a grim smile cut across his face. “It was necessary, farseer. You see much, but you cannot see that?”

“I see more than you think.”

The prince and his corsair fleet, the Doom Wraiths, came unbidden to assist in the capture of this world. They were alerted by a troupe of harlequins — all of whom had now disappeared — that their presence was required. Prince Atarax, professing his devotion to the Eldar race complied.

Kelmon studied Atarax. The corsair prince and his followers walked a path that could lead to inevitable destruction. Without the structure of the craftworlds, they would lose the battle they fought with their own nature. Already, they appeared more like the Dark Kin than their craftworld brethren. They teetered at a precipice, and when they fell, there would be no redemption.

“Was our sacrifice worth the prize?” the prince demanded, interrupting Kelmon’s introspection.

“The artifact? No, it is meaningless. A bauble the Mon-keigh found during the long night. They believe it is many things, each faction expecting it to reveal the secrets they seek, but it will reveal nothing. It will corrupt the weak, and even the strong will be goaded. It may provide temporary power, but leads only to destruction. It is better left to the dead.”

“Why come here, then?” Prince Atarax demanded, “Why risk so much?”

“It was a necessary effort. The Mon-keigh are a tool of greater powers. The path from this world would have led to calamity for for all. Now they are on another path, one that could preserve the Eldar, but the future is clouded. I fear there is something we may yet need to do.”

Prince Atarax nodded cautiously. “We will do what is necessary.”


Janestus picked his way through the ruins, returning to his warband. The gathered cluster of Lords of Vegeance space marines waited expectantly.

“Did you find it?” one of the sergeants called out as he approached.

He patted the satchel hanging at his side. Heat emanated from the artifact. He could feel it even through his power armor. “Our brothers are misguided, this will help us return them to the true path.”

He climbed atop a plinth that once held a statue, now shattered and unrecognizable, half buried in ash and ruin. The artifact was in his hand, though he could not recall freeing it. He held it aloft. Wonder filled the faces of his men. This was true power. “Vengeance!” he cried out.

“Vengeance!” they echoed.


Lords of Vengeance

hey are known as the Lords of Vengeance.  For millennia these Astartes have been known for their strict devotion and adherence to the imperial Saint Solkan “The Avenger” and his doctrine of total war and vengeance for all that opposed the Emperor of mankind.

Their home world of Sugarak is the imperial shrine world dedicated to Solkan and said to be the site of his greatest victory over the heathen masses.  Stories tell of Solkan putting to fire over half of the population before the rest saw the true light of the Emperors kindness and bent the knee to the imperial creed.  It is lost to history if Solkan was a great Lord commander Militant of the Astra Militarum, a Fleet admiral or just an extremely charismatic figure who got many to follow.  What is known is that he was relentless in his pursuit of the enemies of mankind and chaos in all its form.

Apart from Sugarak, the Lords of Vengeance also have a small presence on the shrine world of Saint Arianka, the great martyr to Chaos and said to be the sister of Solkan (but many think just one of his disciples).

The Lords of vengeance wear smoke-grey armor with red outlines.  This symbolizes the smoke and flames of the pyres Solkan would erect for the burning bodies of his enemies.  Their most elite troops are allowed to wear black on their armor, the color preferred by Solkan himself.

Although catching the eyes of the inquisition from time to time as they investigated some of the Lords of Vengence’s more thorough cleansings of populations and worlds, the Ecclesiarchy has always backed the chapter and used their influence to calm any issues that had arose regarding the space marines past discretions, as they see them as a great tool to spread the Imperial Creed or, more likely, stop the spread of any heretical beliefs that may be spreading on a world or system.

Even with the Ecclesiarchy’s approval, the Inquisition has kept tabs on the rumors that the gene seed of the Lords of vengeance may not be as pure as its parent chapter.  Back before the Heresy itself, legionaries gossiped that the Ultra Marines ranks swelled around the same time the 2nd and 11th legions were expunged.  It is believed by some that the Lords of Vengeance gene seed was taken, not from a descendent of Guilliman, but rather one of his lost brothers.

Perhaps it’s this degenerative gene seed that has cause the rift in the Lords of Vengeance at this very time.  After suffering numerous defeats at the hand of the Eldar on Ordel V, one of the chapters most potent Epistolaries Psyker, named Janestus, started speaking of being given the tactics and new battle gear needed to defeat the Eldar by “friends”.  Although he refused to say how he came by it or what these new gifts were, many of his brothers followed him into the battlefield as the remaining Lords of Vengeance were fighting around the capital of Ordel V.

After numerous successful raids on the Elder warhost that dotted the Ordel V landscape, Janestus and his warband contacted the main force to tell them of the “awful truth” they had learned.  This “truth”, as Janestus claims, is that the chapter is fighting the wrong enemy.  The real enemy is the Imperium of Man itself!  For why would the Imperium not allow the use of this new technology Janestus had received from his “friends”, why would they be sent to battle on a ruined Agro-planet to sap their strength and moral, why would the Mechanicum not allow the great wargear Janestus has seen wielded by his friends, Why?  Because, as Janestus claims, the Imperium of man is working with Chaos and needs to be destroyed to truly destroy Chaos!

After his rambling vox-cast ended, communication with Janestus has not been regained.  Squads have been sent out to track the warband down as their help will surely be needed in the coming fight, however, nothing has been found of them but the huge piles of smoking bodies left behind; both elder and human, and the sounds of screams and laughter just over the next hill.

While all recon squads have been called back to Orderl V’s capital city to prepare for the coming final battle for the planet, Janestus and his group have been labeled as missing in action, presumed dead.  What has truly befallen them, and what they have truly become is not yet known.

Ordel V – 4

With the two Eldar factions being driven back on both fronts from the combined might of the Iron Hands and the LOV, their frustration finally boiled over into a head to head confrontation in the ruins of Ordel V.  Each side blaming the other for a lack of support in the previous days fighting resulted in the two armies turning on each other.  Fighting was intense at times and no unit was spared in the bloody battle to regain control of the much needed command and control center that had been established on the agri-world.  In the end, the seers of Iyanden were able to gain victory, but at the staggering cost of losing a much needed ally in the battle for this mysterious planet.  The true plans for this world by the Eldar are still unknown, but with their willingness to turn on each other in an attempt to take control of it, it must be something extremely important.


Further to the North the LOV identified a key strategic point that would allow them to control the flow of commerce to the capital city of Ordel V.  Seeing that the Iron Hands had been a little too trusting in their association, they quickly struck at the exposed flank in an attempt to drive the them back.  The LOV unleashed a massive assault and for a while it appeared as though the Iron Hands would be completely destroyed.  However, those who feel no pain are never going to go easily. With some late supporting fire and an all-out push forward, the Iron Hands were able to recover the lost ground and push the LOV to a stalemate.  With casualties on both sides high, neither general was willing to continue the fight any further and instead both cautiously withdrew not knowing what lay ahead.

The reason for the high activity on Ordel V is still unknown.  But with alliances crumbling and generals pushing their armies to the brink, it appears as though this planet is hiding something of immense power.  One thing is for certain.  In the constant bloodshed of this small and once peaceful planet, no one is to be trusted.

Ordel V – 3

The imperial Vox-casters blared the good news that the elder incursion of Ordel V had been stalled in two separate battles outside the Capital city of Populi Ordel.  Though this report is late in being transmitted and word has come that there may have been another larger battle of apocalyptic proportions since these two battles.

Adeptus Astartes forces form the Iron Hands took on an Eldar Wraith force in the suburban sprawl to the north of the capital while the Lords of Vengeance (LOV) ambushed an armored Eldar squad in the grass plains to the south.

Although the Iron Hands commander wanted a combined assault aimed at the Eldar warhost’s command and control center, the LOV refused to coordinate their attack with the Sons of the Gorgan and insisted that all other imperial forces stay away from the grass plains while their operation was in process.  Although direct communication with the LOV commander was not granted they reported that they had been authorized to use a new form of weapon and tactics that could possibly be harmful to other forces.  Whether this is a new form of radiation or toxin weapon or who authorized the LOV to use such weapons is still not confirmed.

The LOV did report that their new tactics were successful as they destroyed the elder almost completely, with only a single Wraith Knight surviving.  Surveying the battle space once the “all-clear” was given lead to a few assumptions on how it unfolded.

It appears that the LOV stole the initiative on a grouping of wave serpents, led by a Farsear, awaiting further reinforcements. With a barrage of heavy firepower holding the wave serpents and infantry in check the LOV was able to unleash its Land Raider full of the newly retooled close combat marines into the heart of the encampment.  There was wreckage of Eldar jet bikes on the outskirts of the area in what looked like an attempt to circle the Astartes force and pick of the weaker units on its sides.  The remains of a group of winged elder were found in a large pile and looked like they were burned in a giant inferno all at once.  One blow to the LOV plan was when a Rhino, stripped of its dozer blade to quickly get into the ambush position, was stuck up on a side hill. However, by this time the battle was well in hand.

One disturbing report filed by the Adeptus Ministorum remarked on the high number of civilian casualties in the area and on the battlefield.  Many of these civilians had serious burn marks all over their bodies, most appeared to be inflicted well before the battle.  As to if the nearby farmhouse was being used as a makeshift trauma center, and these burn victims brought here before the battle, is still being investigated.

We remind all imperial persona that the 24 hour curfew on Ordel V is still being strictly enforced.  All civilian movement is still restricted to and from the Hab-domes and the Agro-factories.  All non-essential workers are reminded that they are to stay indoors until the curfew is lifted.

Ordel V – 2

On imperial date 0567014.M03 a joint force comprised of a Dark Angels recon division, and light Grey Knights pacification force tasked with removal of of Rhodesian solar witches received a call for reinforcements from the astartes chapter ‘lords of vengance’. It appeared there was an assault on a local imperial agri-world, Ordel V, by the xenos race known as ‘eldar’. The joint force immediately changed course to investigate.

Upon arrival there was no sign of the Lords of Vengeance so the force began their planet side investigation, starting with the charred ruins of the agri-world power facility. Upon deployment a dark angels spotting team caught site of some Xenos jet bikes hidden amongst the ruins and shortly thereafter it became apparent that there was a full fledged Eldar battleforce lying in wait for the unsuspecting imperials. Ill prepared and cut off from their orbital communications relay, they were forced to try to dig in and fight to control on of the three damaged warning beacons buried with the ruined structures. Their hope was to get a signal out to their strike cruiser or any other friendly forces still on the planet’s surface.

Though the imperial alliance forces fought bravely, the Dark Angels force led by librarian Acutus, and the Grey Knights force led jointly by inquisitors Hectar thundorrklappe and Vittio Hevvyfootte (both assigned to the local shrine world Rhodesia 22) were killed nearly to the last man. Inquisitor Hectar was able to repair the warning beacon his squad defended but, there is no guarantee that the Eldar had not already block all communications in the area.

The next few conflicts will have to decide the fate of the Agri-World Ordel V.

Ordel V – 1

Word has come that the Lords of Vengeance continue to struggle against the Eldar incursion into Imperial space. This time, after fighting to a stalemate in the past months, the Eldar successfully captured a mining settlement on the Agri-world Ordel V.

Although the LOV fielded some of their toughest units, the speed and numbers of the elder were too much to hold off and they were forced to pull back to the main settlement, preparing their bulwarks and reforming the detachments for what could be the final battle for Ordel V.  Just what the ELdar want with the world, or why the LOV are so determined to denying the Eldar their prize and continue to refuse any imperial help is still unknown at this time.

What little intelligence of the battle that has been leaked has been difficult to piece together.  It seems the LOV detachment was led by their Chief Librarian, however, word comes that he had been struggling with weariness due to lack of sleep and constant sounds of screams from the warp.  It appears that at a crucial time in the battle his orders were confused and mixed, sending some units to attack elder units that no longer existed and positioning the Land Raider detachment in a position that left him out of range of any enemies at all.

Although some reports have come about that the Chief Librarian was sucked into the warp while holding off the elder war host, other reports indicate that he is currently preparing for a counter assault.  Just how he would survive a warp attack of such a magnitude is uncertain.

The halls of honor will remember such Hero’s as Baldred Haigermann, the lone Sniper Scout who singlehandedly held off two units of Eldar jetbikes to deny them the prize of the burned out husk of Building 5. Also the first companies Sternguard who not only captured and held ore pile 1 but also laid down oppressive fire and severely wounded the Eldar Warlord and held on to direct the Thunderfire cannon to finish the Job.

The Eldar seem to be expanding their operation in the area as they were seen fielding a new unit of Warriors. These Eldar had jetpacks and Wings.  As of now these units should be listed as a minor threat, as their purpose seems to be to land on the field of battle, shoot a lot of low power shots that do little damage and then get easily blown apart.

As stated above, final fortification of Populi Ordel (the Main population center on Ordel V) has commenced. Word has spread of the militarization of the populace with some citizens seen carrying weapons as powerful as Heavy Stubbers.  We have dispatched another small contingent of Imperial guard from the neighboring system to try and gain better intelligence than what is currently available.  Word has also come that the inquisition is sending a team to investigate severe warp disturbances and a high rate of cultist activities in the Sector.