Ordel V – 4

With the two Eldar factions being driven back on both fronts from the combined might of the Iron Hands and the LOV, their frustration finally boiled over into a head to head confrontation in the ruins of Ordel V.  Each side blaming the other for a lack of support in the previous days fighting resulted in the two armies turning on each other.  Fighting was intense at times and no unit was spared in the bloody battle to regain control of the much needed command and control center that had been established on the agri-world.  In the end, the seers of Iyanden were able to gain victory, but at the staggering cost of losing a much needed ally in the battle for this mysterious planet.  The true plans for this world by the Eldar are still unknown, but with their willingness to turn on each other in an attempt to take control of it, it must be something extremely important.


Further to the North the LOV identified a key strategic point that would allow them to control the flow of commerce to the capital city of Ordel V.  Seeing that the Iron Hands had been a little too trusting in their association, they quickly struck at the exposed flank in an attempt to drive the them back.  The LOV unleashed a massive assault and for a while it appeared as though the Iron Hands would be completely destroyed.  However, those who feel no pain are never going to go easily. With some late supporting fire and an all-out push forward, the Iron Hands were able to recover the lost ground and push the LOV to a stalemate.  With casualties on both sides high, neither general was willing to continue the fight any further and instead both cautiously withdrew not knowing what lay ahead.

The reason for the high activity on Ordel V is still unknown.  But with alliances crumbling and generals pushing their armies to the brink, it appears as though this planet is hiding something of immense power.  One thing is for certain.  In the constant bloodshed of this small and once peaceful planet, no one is to be trusted.