The Battle for Kraken

Kraken joined the Imperium of Man as a rich mining world that served as a waystation for the early settlers of the Lazarus Reach. Beyond Kraken lies the Veil of Sorrow, a treacherous nebula that obscured the verdant worlds of the reach for nearly a millenium after the conclusion of the Great crusade. The world’s surface is a fiery hell, unable to support any sort of life, as a result the planet was mined in caverns deep below the surface. As resources on the world dried up the empty mines were converted into hives and forges. Asteroids and moons from the other worlds of the system were drawn into Kraken’s orbit where they were slowly processed by a halo of satellites and space stations. These create a defensive network that protected the world even after xenos invaders and the forces of chaos overran the reach




The crusade fleet swelled with supplies. Thousands of vessels clung to the spars and and rocks of Kraken’s ring, never suspecting that they were flies trapped in a deadly web. Violence erupted throughout the forgeworld when the forces of chaos sprang from dark and forgotten caverns and the eldar materialized from hidden webway portals. The warriors of the Imperium faced a brutal fight if they hoped to escape intact. The fate of the Lazarus Reach Crusade depended on their success…